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Sarod For Sale

Sarod, also known as bass Rebab is a most preferred stringed instrument. It has a metal fingerboard without frets so it is easier to slide among the notes. In our Sarod Store, we have many popular sarod Brands like Maharaja Musicals, Hemen & Co., Kanai Lal & Sons and Monoj K Sarod. Each of these Sarod brands have the best sound and have been manufactured with much patience. Also from each brand, we have both the styles of Sarod: Amjad Ali Khan Sarod and Ali Akbar Khan Sarod.

Each Sarod has been tuned and crafted in different parts of India under the expert guidance of renowned Sarod makers. These makers belong to the generation of Sarod makers who have been making sarod since 4-5 decades. A Sarod package comes with a set of extra strings, rosin, Coconut plectrum. Also, if you would like, you can buy a hard glass fiber case for few extra dollars.

Sarod Quality Check Before Shipping

Before the Sarod is ready is to dispatch, each sarod is thoroughly inspected that it is of correct dimensions. We make sure that the wood is properly treated. The sound box is in perfect condition and they are not dents in it. We check that the it is correctly painted to give a perfect finish. All the strings are played so that we can check its sound. We check that all the tuning pegs are positioned correctly and tight enough to hold the strings in place. Also, we check that bridge is placed correctly and is of correct size and shape. The strings of Sarod are kept loose during transit to avoid damages.

Once we have checked the Sarod, we pack it safely in a cardboard box along with extra set of strings, rosin and coconut plectrums. It is then packed with bubble wraps and styrofoam to fill the extra space and to protect the instrument during transit. Our sarods can be shipped to USA and Worldwide via safest courier services like FedEx or DHL.

Sarod Customer Service

Although each Sarod instrument is physically and technically inspected before dispatch. However, in case if you have any questions, you can always contact us. Our team of executives will try their best to answer all your queries. In a rare case, if you wish to return the instrument, it can be returned to our USA or Indian warehouse. You can contact us via email, Whatsapp, facebook messenger or iMessage.

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