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Chimta Instrument for Sale

Our Chimta store has basically two types of Chimta: One of them is with Brass jingles and other one is plain. The player of the chimta can produce a melodious sound by holding the joint of the instrument in one hand and strikes together the two sides of the chimta. The notes can be changed depending upon how the chimta is being played. The jingles used in Chimta are made of metal and helps to create a unique sound. It alsp helps in keeping up the beats of a song. Chimta is used as a accompanied instrument for Kirtan and religious music. It is used as a prop in Bhangra.

Chimta Quality Check Before Shipping

Before shipping a Chimta, we check that the length and thickness of the chimta is correct. If the Chimta is with jingles, we make sure that all of them are giving a good sound. When the Chimta has been inspected, then it is packed in bubble wraps so that it is easy to transport. It is then shipped worldwide via DHL or FedEx

Customer Service for Chimta

After the chimta is delivered, there will be rarely any problems that you will have to face. Still if there are any questions, you can always contact us and we will give you the required information as early as we can.

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