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Swarmandal for Sale

In our Swarmandal store, you can buy Swarmandal online from various popular brands. We have classic swarmandals and Swarmandal + Tanpura 2 in 1 instruments. Swarmandal brands that we sell at Maharaja Swarmandal, MKS Swarmandal and Paloma Swarmandal.

Maharaja Swarmandal are specially crafted and tuned by our trained artisans under the guidance of RK Mohan in our workshop near Delhi. Each of them has 36 strings and is manufactured with best quality tun wood.

MKS Monoj K Sardar Swarmandals are manufactured, tuned and crafted at Kolkata India. One of the unique Swarmandal from MKS is with 30 strings. Each of them is perfectly tuned with much patience. Paloma is another popular brand for Swarmandal that comes from a small village near Mumbai, India.

Swarmandal + tanpura is a twin instruments that can produce versatile music with different sets of strings aligned in different directions. Each Swarmandal instrument comes with a set of extra strings and playing sticks. It is packed in a cardboard box to protect the Swarmandal from damage.

Swarmandal Quality Check Before Shipping

Before dispatch, Swarmandal instrument is checked professionally by our experts. We make sure that all tuning knobs are tight enough to keep the strings in place. Also we check that wood is properly dried and the finish of the instrument is perfect. There are no scratches or marks on the instrument. Also for Swarmandal + Tanpura, we check that both the tanpura and swarmandal strings are giving a correct sound.

Once it is inspected, then it is packed in a cardboard box with a set of strings and playing sticks. It is then packed using safest packaging material so that it can be securely shipped worldwide via FedEx or DHL.

Swarmandal Customer Service

When you have received the Swarmandal, and in you have any problems, please feel free to contact us. Also, if you need any other information, you can send us email, or text via Whatsapp, facebook messenger and iMessage. We will make sure to answer all queries within 24-48 hours. If would like to return the instrument in a rare case, please let us know so that it can be safely returned to our US or Indian warehouse.

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