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Sarangi for Sale

This is our Sarangi store which deals with around 7 different types of Sarangi. Sarangi is a rich instrument with lots of sound variations. Sarangi instrument comes from Rajasthani music in India. Popular Sarangi instrument brands that we sell in our store are Maharaja Musicals and Pritam Singh Sarangi.

We are the manufacture of Maharaja Sarangi and it comes a small village near Delhi. Our maker belongs to a generations of stringed instrument who have experience of many decades. The wood is selected and then it is dried properly. Along with this the camel skin hide is used for making the sound box of the Sarangi. All the bridges and strings are selected perfectly to make a finest quality instrument. A horse-hair bow is included with the Sarangi before shipping

Pritam Singh Ji is a renowned Sarangi maker from Punjab, India. His Sarangis are popular worldwide. He manufactures Sarangi with much patience. Pritam Singh Sarangis have varied names depending on its size and design. Most popular Pritam Singh Sarangi that we sell in our store are Pritam Singh Classical Sarangi, Pritam Singh Jooda Model, Pritam Singh Deda Model and Pritam Singh Tota model. The bow is made from finest quality horse hair fibers and then special ghungroos are attached on the bow to give a unique sound.

Sarangi Quality Check Before Shipping

Sarangi instrument is checked professionally by our team of experts. We make sure that Sarangi is of correct size and shape. The strings are aligned correctly on the bridge and tuning pegs are functioning correctly. We check the bow fibers are correctly attached on the bow and it is of correct size. The Sarangi is played along with bow to check its sound.

Once we make sure that the instrument is perfect for shipping, it is packed safely in a padded carry bag along with bow, extra strings and rosin. It is then packed safely in a cardboard box along with bubblewraps to fill the extra space in the box. Sarangi is then shipped safely via Fedex or DHL to USA and worldwide.

Sarangi Customer Service

When the Sarangi is dispatched, we make sure that you do not face problems with the instrument. However, in a rare case, if you face any problems, you can always contact us. We can help you in tuning the instrument and resolve the minor issues. These are handmade instruments and they need minor adjustments to give a perfect sound. You can contact us via Whatsapp, iMessage, Facebook Messenger or email to get more information about the Sarangi instrument. In a rare case if you want to return the Sarangi, please contact so that it can be returned to our US or Indian warehouse.

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