Mini Veena

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Mini Veena for Sale

Mini Veena that we sell is an instrumental veena. It is a smaller version of Veena and is portable. It is small and easy to carry from one place to another. This compact version also has magnificent acoustic sound. This Maharaja Veena is a true combination of good sound and good wood.

Mini Veena Quality Checks before Shipping

Once Mini Veena is ready to ship, it is checked professionally before shipping. We make sure that the neck of the instrument and gourd resonator are in good condition. We make sure that all the 5 strings are intact and tuning pegs are working correctly.

When the Mini Veena has passed the quality check, it is then packed safely with an extra set of strings. Then it is placed in a cardboard box along with styrofoam and bubble wrap to protect it from damage during transit. We ship instruments via FedEx or DHL to USA, UK and other countries worldwide.

Customer Service for Traditional Veena

Once the instrument reaches you, we make sure that you feel completely satisfied with your purchase. If you have any questions about your Mini Veena, you can always contact us and we make sure our executives answer each of your queries.

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