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Surbahar for Sale

Surbahar store deals with a high quality of Surbahar instrument, also known as Bass Sitar. It is crafted and tuned under the expert guidance of renowned Surbahar maker Monoj K Sardar MKS from Kolkata India. The wood was thoroughly dried before manufacturing the Surbahar. All the bridges are made from best quality of raw materials.

Craftsman at Kolkata manufactures Surbahar with much patience so that a finest quality instrument is produced. This is the reason that sometimes these instruments gets delayed because we can not compromise quality over time.

This instrument is shipped in a hard glass fiber case to protect the toomba from damage. It also comes with an extra set of strings and rosin.

Surbahar Quality Check Before Shipping

Surbahar instrument is professionally checked by our team of experts before it is dispatched. We check that both the toomba are in correct shape. The strings are intact and giving a perfect sound. Its tunings pegs are tight enough to hold the strings in place. We make sure that the bridges are positioned correctly so that they can align the strings correctly. Also, we check that the finish of the Surbahar is perfect and it is painted correctly.

Once Surbahar is has been thoroughly inspected via 2-3 rounds of quality check, it is safely placed in the fiber glass case along with styroaforam and bubble wrap so that it does not move inside the case during transit. The extra accesories are put in the case and it is then packed safely for shipping. It is then shipped Worldwide via safest couriers like FedEx or DHL.

Surbahar Customer Service

When the instrument is delivered at your end, please check that it is intact. Usually there are hardly any problems with the instrument since it is in a fiber case. However, in a rare case, if there are any damages to the instrument, you can always contact us via Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, iMessage or email. Our team of executives will try our best to give you the solution. In case you wish to return the instrument, you can contact us for the same.

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