Thavil / Thakil


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Buy Thavil for Sale. Sale of Thakil online. Thavil/Thakil is a barrel shaped Handmade percussion drum. It is a South indian musical instrument which produces sound when it is struck by a hand on both sides. It is an integral part of Carnatic music.  

A Basic thavil is like a hollow drum with animal skin on both heads. The headss are kept in place with the help of hemp hoops. The corpus for modern Thavil is bordered by a steel ring coated in plastic on which the two skins are fixed by metal straps. Both skins can be separately tuned.

The instrument is either played while sitting, or hung by a cloth strap (called nadai) from the shoulder of the player. It is used in temple, folk and Carnatic music. Thavil is mostlycommonly used in combination to another south indian instrument called Nadaswaram. Most of the religious ceremonies and traditional festivals are incomplete without playing the Thavil instrument. 

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