Traditional Veena

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Traditional Veena for Sale

Traditional Veena is basically a full size Veena which is being used in Indian music since ages. We are selling two types of traditional Veena: Saraswati Veena and Hansa Veena.

This Saraswati Veena is an ancient Indian Instrument used in Carnatic Music ( South Indian Music). This has been manufactured in Chennai by a traditional make and is being sold by Maharaja Musicals.

Hansa Veena that we sell is also used in Indian Music since old times. This has been beautifully crafted and tuned by Monoj K Sardar MKS - one of the Finest Stringed Instrument maker from Kolkata India.

Traditional Veena Quality Checks before Shipping

Each traditional Veena that we sell is physically inspected by a team of professionals before it is dispatched.

For Saraswati Veena, we make sure that both the sound box and second resonator are in good working condition. We make sure that each of the strings is tuned correctly to produce a divine and sweet sound. All the bridges are checked for their functionality and they keep strings in position.

Similarly for Hansa Veena, we check that sound box and other toomba are intact. We make sure that all the pegs and strings are together giving the correct sound. After this Veena instrument is packed safely in a fiber case. After this we pack safely with styrofoam and bubble wraps so that the instrument does not get damaged during transit. We then ship worldwide via DHL or FedEx.

Customer Service for Traditional Veena

Once you have received Veena instrument, we make sure that you are completely satisfied with it. If you need any help while playing, you can always contact us and we will make sure that all your problems are resolved.

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