Electric Sitar

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Buy Electric Sitar for sale. An electric sitar is an electric instrument designed to mimic the sound of the traditional Indian instrument, the Sitar. Depending on the manufacturer and its features, Electric sitar bears varying degrees of similarity with the traditional sitar. An electric sitar is smaller in length as compared to traditional sitar. Most of the Electric Sitars look like electric guitars due to its electrical mechanism. An electric sitar can be played without connecting it to an amplifier but the sound will be low.
An electric sitar usually has a flat sound box (toomba) unlike traditional sitar. It is usually made of wood and no gourd is used. There are wide variety of Electric Sitars available with us. The difference between the various models is in the design of neck and the carving on its body. Major Branded Electric Sitars available with us are from these makers: Kanai Lal & Sons, Monoj Kumar Sardar MKS and Maharaja Musicals.
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