Dhama / Sikh Jori


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Buy Dhama online, Dhama sale online. The Jori also known as Punjabi Pakhawaj. The Jori emerged from the Mridang which is a one barrel drum, they cut this one piece instrument into two seperate pieces to create the Jori which means 'pair'. The sound generated is much louder and deeper than the sound of tabla.  In ancient times, it was the main instrument used during kirtans. But in the present world, the Dhama set has been replaced by tabla set.

When playing the dhama, fresh dough is used on the surfece of bass drum (dhama). The treble drum (dayan) has ink (Syahi) on the skin. To apply and remove fresh dough for each sitting involves effort and maintenance. So some people also prefer a dhama with permanent ink (syahi) on its surface. You can request this customization when you place the order.

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