Tabla Drums

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Buy Tabla Drum Set for Sale. A tabla set consists of two upright drums - one large and other small, played with hands. Each drum head has three separate skins. The smaller drum is known as Dayan meaning right and the larger one is called Bayan meaning left. Dayan is conical in shape and made from teak or rosewood and is hollow till half of its total depth. The top of Dayan is made up of stretched layered leather membrane, kept in position by leather braces. The wooden pegs between the braces and the drum maintain tension in braces which in turn help in controlling the pitch of the drum. There is a black spot in the center which is a mixture of carbon black, mucilage and iron filings which is collected from sides of Indian Railways. The body of the larger drum called the duggi or the Bayan is made of either clay, metal or wood. The top is similar to the Dayan with a difference in their sizes.

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