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Shehnai Instrument for Sale

Shehnai instrument also known as Oboe is considered as a sign of Auspiciousness due to its sound. For this reason, it is played at all the joyous ceremonies like wedding. The tubular instrument gives a sound when it air is blown with the holes. This helps the reeds to produce a sound. Maharaja Shehnai Flute that we sell in our store is made with high precision.

Shehnai Quality Checks before Shipping

When we dispatch Shehnai instrument, the wood quality is checked. We inspect that wood has been properly dried. The reeds are checked before shipping. We always ship 1-2 extra reeds with Shehnai so that if one of them is not working, extras can help. Also we make sure that the length of the Shehnai is correct and bell part is in good condition.

Once we make sure that it is giving a correct sound, we pack it safely with bubble wraps and styrofoam so that it does not damaged. It is then shipped Worldwide via safest couriers like FedEx or DHL.

Customer Service for Shehnai

After playing Shehnai, in a rare case of you feel reed is not giving good sound, please dip reed in water for sometime and then play again. If the problem is still not resolved, you can contact us. Our executives can help you to resolve the problem. If it has to be returned, we have our warehouses at USA and India.

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