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Rebab for Sale

This store is for Rebab instrument. Many people name it as Lion of instruments. This fiddle instrument is national instrument of Afghanistan. Most of the Maharaja Rebabs that we sell come from Delhi. However Seni Rebab with unbreakable fiber toomba comes from Punjab.These Rebabs are manufactured and tuned under the expert supervision of renowned makers who have been working is this field since generations.

It comes with a high quality bow and a padded carry bag. If you want, you can buy hardglass fiber case along with it by paying a little extra.

Rebab Quality Check Before Shipping

Rebab/rubab instrument is professionally checked by our team of experts so that it is of correct length and width. We make sure that sound box is intact and there are no cracks in it. Also all the strings are tuned perfectly before shipping and tuning pegs are tight enough to hold the strings in place. The bridges are placed correctly. We check that the bow is made from fine quality of fibers.

Once the rebab has been thoroughly investigated, it is then packed inside a padded carry bag along with bow, extra set of strings and rosin.

Rebab Customer Service

Usually there are hardly any issues with the instrument. If you need any information, we are always there to help you. These are handmade instruments and instruments can work perfectly fine with minor adjustments. You can contact us and our experts will give you the best possible solution. In a rare case the instrument needs to be returned, we have our warehouses at USA and India.

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