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Buy Ghatam for Sale. Ghatam is a large, narrow-mouthed earthenware water pot used as a percussion instrument in India. Unlike other Indian percussion instruments, such as the tabla and mridangam, the ghatam does not have a membrane over its mouth. Although it looks like a water pot, but for the best tone, its surface should be even at all places. Ghatam produce a distinctive metallic sound and are made in several sizes, each size having a different pitch.

Most of the Indian Ghatam Instruments are manufactured at Madurai, Tamil Nadu. The basic ghatam is made of clay but the special Ghatam manufactured at Manamadurai is made with clay mixed with extracts of brass. This helps to increase the tonal quality and product a special metalltic effect. In Punjab it is known as Gharha and its rajasthani variant is known as Mataqa or magda.

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