Ek Taara/Do Taara

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Buy Ektara/Iktara for sale, buy do taara for sale. Online Sale of Ektara/ Iktara. Ektara as the name suggests is a one-string instrument. It is also known as tumbi. It is popularly used in Bangladesh, India, Egypt and Pakistan for traditional Music. It consists of a stretched single string, animal skin over head and pole neck. It is commonly used in Kirtan chanting by Hindus, Sadhus and wandering holy men. It is also popular in Sufi sangeet and folk music.

Similarly, Do taara is also a stringed instrument similar to Ik Taara but it consists of two strings.

Some Ik-Taara instruments are made of wood but for some premium quality Ik-Taara, the tumbi (sound box) is made of thoroughly dried Gourd. This helps Ik-taara in producing a beautiful sound. 

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