Kanai Lal Sitar, Double Tumba, Khajoor Patta, Ravi Shankar Style, Fiber Trolley - No. 478

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Product Code – No. 478 

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Fully Tuned

Professional Quality 

Magnificent Acoustic Sound

Specially Crafted and Tuned by Sh. Subhash Bhowmick s/o Sh. Kanai Lal Bhowmick

Made with thoroughly-dried Tun Wood

Dark Color Finish

Steel, Bronze & Brass Strings

Kharaj Pancham Style: 7 Main & 13 Sympathetic Strings

Carved Wooden Tuning Pegs

Tasteful Celluloid Inlay Work

Half Decorated, Khajoor Patta (Date Leaf) Design

Double Toomba (One Main Gourd Toomba, One wooden Toomba)

Handmade, Camel Bone Bridges

Fine-tuning Beads/duck made with Camel Bone
(You can request Fiber bridges and beads instead of camel bone at no extra cost)

Includes a Beautiful Trolley with Wheels, made with Fiber

Optional Extras: Padded Gig Bag, Surface Touch Pickup

NOTE: It is advised to please open the packing of the instrument so that it gets aired and it stays in tune. Also, it is recommended to keep it away from extreme hot or damp area.


Dark Color Sitar
Length: 50-51 Inches approx
Weight: 3-4 KG approx

Extra Set of Strings


Trolley made of Fiber (with wheels)



We have professionally setup the Sitar with strings of specific gauges and materials so that the below given traditional tuning is achieved. Please note that your Sitar may loose tuning while in transit to you or if left unused for some time. Here is some help to start tuning your sitar. We are trying to tune the sitar in the traditional Kharaj Pancham - Ravi Shankar style, in the key of C. Please have a chromatic tuner handy.


Tuning the 7 Main Strings

We start from the main string most further away from the tuning pegs, so if the Sitar's string side is facing you, the 1st string would be the right most string.


1st String - Ma - F  (An octave below Middle-C)
2nd String - Sa - C (An octave below Middle-C, below the F of 1st string)
3rd String - Pa - G (Below the C of 2nd string)
4th String - Sa - C (Two octaves below Middle-C, below the G of 3rd String)    
5th String - Pa - G (one octave above the 3rd string, above the F of the 1st String) 
6th String - Sa - C (Middle C, above the G of 5th String)
7th String - Sa - C (one octave above Middle C, above the C of 6th String) 


Tuning the 13 Sympathetic Strings

Normally we tune the sympathetic strings to the same scale of the music or raga that you are playing. If you are a beginner, don't bother much about tuning these strings.



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