MAHARAJA MUSICALS Harmonium No. 43 - A440, 42 Keys, 9 Stop, Kail Wood, 3.25 Octaves, Coupler, Multi-fold Bellow, Dark Mahogany

Maharaja Musicals

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Product Code – No. 43

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Professional Quality

A440 Pitch - Checked at Dispatch

Set of 2 High Quality Reeds: 1 Base + 1 Male

3½ Octaves, Total 42 Keys

Coupler Function - Plays two Octaves of the same note at the same time and Produces Richer Sound

Dark Mahogany Color

Instant Response Keyboard - No Lag Time

Multi-Fold Bellows for Easy Pumping & Consistent Sustain

Air Leaks are Checked for Longer Sustain 

Wooden Jaali on Keys

Made With Dried Indian Wood - Kail & Mirindi (Indian Cedar)

Tested Before Shipping: Sound, Keys, Tuning, Sustain, Finish Etc.

Optional Accessories are Available Padded Gig Bag


NOTE: It is advised to please open the packing of the instrument so that it gets aired and it stays in tune. Also, it is recommended to keep it away from extreme hot or damp area.



Dark Mahogany Harmonium
23½ x 13 x 10½ Inches approx
Weight: 8 to 8.5 Kg approx

 Padded Gig Bag

Any Optional Extras Purchased with the Product



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(4 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    Beautiful sound, great instrument!

    Posted by Satisfied Customer on May 17, 2019

    I just received this totally awesome MAHARAJA MUSICALS HARMONIUM NO. 43 - A440, 42 KEYS, 9 STOP, KAIL WOOD, 3.5 OCTAVES, COUPLER, MULTI-FOLD BELLOW, DARK MAHOGANY. When I got it out of its packaging and eagerly started playing, there was a note that constantly rang out when air was in the bellows. BUT KEEP READING, THIS STORY HAS A HAPPY ENDING! It also didn't play well, on the higher octaves, just seemed like the bellows were lame, arrested or the air was leaking or not even going in at all. This scared me, thinking the instrument was bad. Then I took a second look; bringing my eyes to keyboard level I discovered one key was lower than all the others. So I pushed it up to level, and the note stopped playing. With the bellows full again, the sound was back, key lowered once more. To make a long story short, with a gentle push on the corresponding reed (from up top) all problems were solved. And permanently so! The reed(s) connected to this particular note must have moved during transport, and no wonder with a 10,000 mile journey! Now the actual trial run could begin, which ended with the harmonium deemed satisfactory. Within a later session this day (today), I fell in love with the tonal quality, and with the way it holds the air - long, really long. The notes play out strong and very gentle, and the entire body vibrates in a comforting way. So you actually feel the music with your sense of touch, hear it with your ears and appreciate it in your heart. The color of the wood (stain?) is also exceptionally deep, almost burgundy undertone. Absolutely beautiful. I have another standard harmonium made of Teak wood (very pricey way back when already), and I now purposely bought one made of Indian cedar (forgot exact name of wood). My point here is that I probably already prefer this Maharaja one! There is something so gentle about its sound that I am already drawn to playing with more devotion (will be used for chanting before meditation for personal practice and group retreats). Another feature I much appreciate with this Mahraja harmonium is the soft edges of the black keys, and it's a real treat to play on this keyboard. The black keys of my other one feels somewhat sharp on the fingers. Last but not least, good price and exceptionally fast shipping. I can only recommend this instrument, at least for folks who use it to accompany devotional chanting.

  • 3
    I ordered this harmonium that they say is tuned to A-440Hz. But it is sharp!

    Posted by Unknown on Feb 22, 2018

    I ordered this harmonium that they advertise as being tuned to A-440Hz. But it is sharp! A, on this harmonium, is tuned sharp to about 443Hz. That makes it too sharp to play along with other Western instruments, like a piano or organ. So if you need a harmonium tuned to 440Hz ... keep looking. Save your money, and buy a harmonium somewhere else. Other then that, its fairly nice.

  • 3
    It is not tuned to A-440Hz (as advertised). It is sharp.

    Posted by Unknown on Feb 21, 2018

    It is not tuned to A-440Hz (as advertised). It is sharp. It is tuned to (roughly) A-443Hz. This sharpness makes it un-useable for playing along with conventional Western music. So be warned.

  • 5
    Very nice harmonium

    Posted by Paul Schneider on Feb 26, 2015

    Hi! I honestly think that their quality checks are great. We have ordered few times with them and every time the product and service is perfect. This one is another great instrument added to our collection. As always, they are very good with their customer service as well.