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Taus Instrument for Sale

We have been selling this Taus instrument for around 10 years. Taus instrument comes from Northern part of India. This instrument holds a religious significance since it was the main instrument used by Sri Guru Hargobind Singh Ji. Due to a peacock-shaped big sound box, Taus instrument can product a deeper sound. This Taus has been manufactured by Maharaja Musicals under the expert guidance of renowned Taus makers. The design of the Taus depicts the higher level of craftsmanship used to manufacture it.

Taus Quality Checks before Shipping

Before the Taus instrument is dispatched, we make sure that the sound box is giving a good sound. All the strings are tuned perfectly to produce a sweet, deep and divine sound. It is checked that all the tuning pegs are working correctly and tight enough to hold the strings in place. Also it is inspected that the bridge is placed correctly. It is a bowed instrument so the bow is also checked by playing the instrument. We make sure that all the bow fibers are intact.

Once the Taus has passed the quality check, we disassemble the parts so that they do not break during transit. The feathers and feet and removed so that it is easier to ship the instrument. It can be very assembled when it reaches your end. It is then packed safely in a cardboard box along with bubble wraps and so that it does not get damaged. It is dispatched Worldwide via insured shipping carriers like FedEx or DHL.

Customer Service for Taus Instrument

After the instrument is delivered, you can always contact us if you face any issues to re-assemble the Taus. Our executives can guide you with step by step instructions for the same. If by chance, you want to return the instrument, please let us know and we will help you.

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