Kanai Lal Tanpura

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Buy Kanai Lal & Sons Sitar for sale. Sh. Kanai Lal Bhowmick is a popular name when it comes to the names of Best stringed instrument makers in India. His main aim was to understand the needs of the buyer and manufacture an instrument which is true in terms of tonal quality and structure. 


His business is now managed by his son, Subhash Bhowmick who has learnt a lot from his father. He also works on his father's principles and makes sure that the best quality of instruments are constructed. All the final tuning for the tanpura is done by Mr Subhash himself. Only the best seasoned wood is used for the instruments and this makes Kanai lal & Sons best in the industry. 


The production facilities of Kanai Lal and Sons include cutting, design planning, polishing, carpentry, assembling, tuning, and packing, all under one roof. Emphasis has been placed on quality control with features such as pre-polishing, pre-tuning and pre packing inspections.  The resulting Tanpura are of amazing quality.


Kanai Lal & Sons manufactures all types and styles of Tanpuras like male tanpura, female tanpura and the instrumental version called Tanpuri. 

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