Jayanta Sengupta Sitar


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Buy Jayanta Sengupta Sitar for Sale. Jayanta Kumar Sengupta from Kolkata is another gem in the world of string instrument making, especially sitar. The best thing about him is that he never ever compromises on quality and because of this does not believe in quantity at all. We only receive a handful of his Sitars throughout the year but in terms of quality they are so awesome that one can understand why he produces so less.

Jayanta was born in a family with a musical background and started playing sitar at a very early age. He learned Sitar from the likes of Ustad Jamal Hussain and Prof. Tara Shankar Shovakar. From a Sitar player to a Sitar maker has been a long journey for him. He had to learn this craft in strange circumstances when he had no money to buy his sitar but finally when he did learn to make it, it turned out to be really good. His teachers told him not to stop making Sitars. He took their suggestion and is now one of the top sitar makers of India.

Among his reputed clientele were Pandit Gokul Nag, Pandit Manilal Nag and others. The legendary Sitar player Ustad Villayat Khan gave him some job to make sitars for his son and some other disciples. Ustad Villayat khan was so impressed by his work that he finally gave him the work to make his own Sitar. Jayanta Sengupta is very proud of his association with Ustad Villayat khan as he learned a lot and whatever he has learnt shows in the amazing sitars we get from him.

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