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This store deals with Electronic Nagma and other electronic instruments. Electronic versions are the sound samplers for the traditional instruments. Electronic Nagma are designed to produce rhythmic tunes. It helps dancers and musicians to practice different ragas.

Quality Check Before Shipping

For Electronic Nagma, we check that all the tunes are giving correct sound. Both the power source and battery part are working. It is then packed in its bag with its adaptor and instruction manual and dispatched worldwide via safest shipping service like FedEx or DHL.

Customer Service for Other Electronic Instruments

Once you get the device, if you face any problem, you can send an email, Whatsapp or iMessage. We try to answer all your queries within 24 hours. Also we offer 30 days warranty for these devices. Manufacturers offer 1 year warranty but in that case, the instrument has to be shipped to manufacturer in India. You can also send it to us in India and we will get it repaired or replace the item.

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