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Electronic Tanpura for Sale

In our Electronic Tanpura store, we have around 8 different types of digital tanpura. Each of them slightly varies in its functionality. Unlike traditional tanpura, Each of them is very light weight. So these are portable tanpuras with almost same sound as a tanpura. Some of the have in-built battery chargers which makes it suitable to use for concerts. All the tones and notes can be played by just one touch on the capacitive buttons. These can also be played on power source in case the battery is not available. Also, the stereo output helps in amplifying the sound.

Raagini by Sound Labs is the most popular electronic tanpura. Apart from this there are many different version available from Radel. Each Electronic Tanpura is unique due to the function it performs.

Electronic Tanpura Quality Check Before Shipping

Each Electronic Tanpura is professionally checked before shipping. We check all the functions of the device. It is made sure that it works on both battery and power supply. Also we check the output is working with amplifier. If it is working perfectly, it packed together in the bag along with instruction manual and adaptor.

After this it is packed securely so that it can be safely shipped worldwide via FedEx and DHL.

Electronic Tanpura Customer

Service Since we always check the instrument before shipping, there is hardly any problem. However, in a rare case if you face any problem while playing it, please feel free to contact us via Whatsapp, iMessage, email or Messenger. If you have any questions, Our executives will try our best to answer you.

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