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Electronic Tabla for Sale

In our Electronic tabla store, We have various instrumental and sampling versions of tabla. This tabla synthesizer can produce tabla sound without actually playing the traditional tabla set. Here we have some devices which are combination of tabla along with some other Indian instruments like Pakhawaj, Dhol, Dholak, Duff, Tanpura etc. This way, by playing just one device, you can produce variety of rhythms. Each electronic tabla comes with an instruction manual that helps you to play it smoothly.

Major Electronic tabla brands are Radel and Sound Labs. Apart from these if you want to buy some other electronic tabla, you can send us your queries.

There are many taal, thekas and sound options available in electronic tablas and these are the perfect accompaniment for practicing.

Electronic Tabla Quality Check Before Shipping

If it’s just Electronic tabla, we check that all the ragas are playing correctly. If it is combination of multiple instrument, we have to check that all of them are playing correct notes individually. We make sure that all features of device are functioning properly. It is insured that it can operate on batteries as well as power supply. The electronic device plus the instruction manual and adaptor are all packed together in a bag. It is then packed with secured packing so that it is safe to ship it worldwide.

Electronic Tabla Customer Service

When you use the electronic tabla, and if there are questions that you would like to ask, you can contact us via email, Whatsapp, iMessage or Facebook Messenger. Our team tries to answer your questions in 12-24 hours. Electronic tabla comes with 1 month replacement warranty from us and 1 year warranty from manufacturer. If you face any problems, you can either contact us or manufacturer directly for returns or replacements.

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